Monday, March 20, 2006

now rooz

Today is the first day of the new persian year.
Well, you should be able to guess my attitude toward
such things: so what? Who cares about new year versus
old year?
Now, this is a pretty common/old cliche of denying
traditions among intellectuals, but to prove my originality
I want to add a little twist.
The twist is that if such a concept is so apparantely absurd,
why so many people care about it?
In fact, I can/will raise the same question about all "traditions":
what is the point?
Yet another twist is that I believe in the power of average, therefore, I
have to admit that there are things here that I am completely missing.

Comment (from me to myself): Watch the "fiddler on the roof"
movie again and learn more about "traditions".

Answer: Thanks for the comment reza, if I find time I will certainly
watch the movie and let you know my impression. But to save time,
maybe you want to give me yours, so that I don't have to watch the
long movie (boring? not really!?) again.

Commenter: Well, I have not watched it for a while, you have to watch
it yourself.

Answer: OK! so I will explain more here after I watch.

Happy now rooz!!!!

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