Thursday, February 24, 2005

Preface --- stupid people

There should be a statistics for the ratio of web-logs that are left unfinished: My estimate is 90% or more!

Since all my "impossibility theorems" are probably less than 10 in number, I have to find something to put in between.

Personal diary does not work: I have a dull life. Actually, I am not a good observer, otherwise, there are interesting things in all lives.

However, I am a very deep person. So I can "publish" my advices for you poor souls. Or better, you can ask questions and I will try to answer them in my best capacity.

What else ....

I can also write my wild imaginations and fanancies. I wonder if anybody has thought of this function for web-log. People are stupid, so I am probably the first to discover this. I can substitute these notes for actually implementing them in reality. Well, "implementing" ideas is a very tedious process, so what could be better than "publishing" them. Maybe supid people who cannot come up with original ideas read them and implement them. This will save both of us.

That seems enough ... but I have an excellent tase in film (movies), It is a pitty not to share them with other, mostly stupid, people who cannot decide what is best for them.


  1. That was quite interesting, but then, I may be stupid...hang on--

    Okay, I just confirmed it. Sorry about that!

  2. Hi Reza! I just found your blog by chance and absolutely love this blog! I enjoy reading your blog and I think the most important factor of blogging should be what you're putting into it & what you're getting out of the actual act of blogging. If you're putting your heart into it and you're being yourself and you enjoy what you're doing, that's a reward in itself. I can't wait to read 10 years of your blogging.

    1. Hi there!
      Thanks for visiting.
      I cannot believe it's ten years, I suddenly felt so old :)


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